Thursday, July 30, 2009

Welcome !! :)

Haii..Finally I made an account on blogger for my online shop :)
NABLY is an online shop created by me (FiKa) and my sis about 4 months ago at Facebook..
Now,I'm trying my luck via blogger :D

For now the stuffs are from thrifted store, such as skirts, tops, and dresses..
We guarantee that all of them are still in very good quality..We know that some of U were love to do thrifted..and we just want to facilitate U who have no time to go thrifted and do not like the crowded situation at thrifted store :)

talking about the price, I bet it was quite cheap...the range is from IDR 20.000 to IDR 50.000..and If U take more than 1 stuff, we will give U more discount :D

For the next project, I will sell my DIY stuff, like hairband and necklace :) *U can see the example at Fika's blog, just klik here*..
because now I'm taking a sewing course, so I also will sell handmade skirt/top/dress which I made by my self..But maybe it will happens on the end of this year..coz now I'm still learning :)..